First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love

First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love


Kim Jung Moon Aloe, Classic Cure Cream Renewal ...
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Kim Jung Moon Aloe, Classic Cure Cream Renewal ... 2 times the core ingredients UP!

- 4 years old, sold for 29 years, added to the core raw material candela bra aloe leaf extract twice as strengthening technology

- Contains aloe vera leaf juice, propolis, and centilla extracts that have been absorbed by natural product research know-how for 43 years.

 - Skin protection, moisturizing, excellence and hypoallergenic test through 7 kinds of human body test

(2018.09.13) Health culture company Kim Jeong-moon Aloe has released 'Cure Intensive 2X Cream' which renewed 'Cure Cream' which is a standard which has been loved for 30 years.


Since its launch in 1990, 'Cure Cream' has been recognized as a regular cream that can be used by both men and women. It is the representative product of Kim Jung Moon Aloe which has sold 4 million copies in 29 years. It is a calming and moisturizing cream of chestnut formulated with Jeju aloe which is rated as the best and can be used in various areas.


Recently, it has been loved for over 30 years by the 2018 Glow Peak Consumer Awards multi-night winner.


'Cure Intensive 2X Cream (Cure Cream 2X)', a new product introduced by Aloe, is a renewed product of 'Cure Cream'. It is a core ingredient of cure brand, The extract was twice more fortified.


In particular, Candela aloe leaf extract is a key ingredient of Cure Cream which has excellent effect on skin protection, anti-inflammation and antibacterial as well as moisturizing and soothing. In this renewal, the technical ability to increase the content by 200% is added based on the past research.


In addition, the know-how of Aloe's research in 43 years including the aloe vera leaf juice which helps collagen production in the skin cell as a raw material of Kim Jung Moon aloe patent is concentrated.


Also added 17 kinds of vegetable oils such as centilla extract, propolis and tea trioyl, argan oil and shea butter, which will further enhance the skin's improvement effect.


In addition, Cure 2X Cream has been improved to consumers friendly by reflecting consumers' opinions of existing Cure Creams, replacing the strong fragrance of peppermint oil, the soft lavender oil flavor instead of the heavy formulation, and the Melting Night Formulation, which easily melts to skin temperature. In addition, through the clinical tests of the Korea Dermatological Research Institute, seven kinds of body application test and low stimulation test including moisture holding effect for 100 hours, skin protection, moisturizing and soothing can be completed, and children and adults can be used with confidence.


Kim Jung Moon Aloe has been widely loved by many consumers, so we celebrated the launch ceremony of 'Cure Cream 2X' on the 11th. At the ceremony, CEO Choi Yeon-hyeon had a meaningful time to encourage the employees who made efforts to launch 'Cure Cream 2X' and to present the product and to launch the renewal.


"The reason why Cure Cream has been sold for a long time without any major design changes in various age groups seems to be thanks to good raw materials and consumers' interest," said Kim Jung Moon, an official at Aloe. "This time, I hope you will heal your skin troubles with the familiar fragrance and formulation of Cure Cream 2X, and I will make a product that gives you the confidence to be loved even more. "
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