First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love

First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love


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KMJ Aloe has transformed Jeju into a fertile aloe farmland.
The future of the Jeju Aloe industry depends on KJM Aloe. 

The place where fresh and healthy aloe grows. The KJM Jeju farm is composed of organic farmland and an aloe processing factory. Only 3 year-old aloe, which is grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, is harvested for processing. 

The Jeju farm is only one place in the world where everything you could ever want to know about aloe can be found. There are 500 types of aloe around the world, of which some 450 types are grown on the Jeju farm. Not surprisingly, looks like a botanical garden dedicated to aloe. An aloe farm of this scale and with such diversity of aloe species is rarely found in the world.

To ensure that it produces the world's best quality products, KJM aloe sticks are allowed to grow naturally.
In the KJM Jeju farm, the dream of the aloe industry is growing with the support of sweat and passion of its workers.
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