First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love

First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love



First one is love, life is love
We will be a "natural health culture company" that conveys health related culture and values.

SanSooYoo System

SanSooYoo System

Kim Jeong-moon gives free support to Aloe products to the neighbors who have difficult economic circumstances

SanSooYoo background

"SanSooYoo" means to start from the beginning of life like the first blooming spring flower.
Since its inception in 1985, we have been working hard to find health for hundreds of our neighbors.
Kim Jung-moon Aloe's employees are constantly trying to make sure that they can not apply to everyone in their area and that they can benefit from it.

Life movement

Man-Man-Man Life movement Mean

You can free yourself from hunger for a month with the support of $10.
You can make a new life to live by escaping from illiteracy which does not know the writing with the support of $10.
Human life is dignified by itself.
Currently, children from 22 countries are supported by Uganda, Mongolia, Paraguay, Tanzania, Honduras, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.
In November 2004, World Life School was established in the Philippines, which includes orphanages, schools and welfare facilities.

Baekjae Welfare Foundation

Establishment of welfare foundation for successive development of sharing management

Recently, domestic companies are implementing sharing management to help alienated neighbors through various forms of social contribution activities such as volunteering and giving donations.
In the case of large corporations with overseas subsidiaries, they are also carrying out social responsibilities through various social contribution activities.
These social contribution activities of companies are important not only for charity but also for recognizing them as a source of competitiveness through enhancing corporate image.
Kim Jeong-moon Aloe has been actively engaged in various social contribution activities since it was the chairman of the founder, Kim Jung-moon.
In particular, the current CEO, who has inherited the corporate philosophy of Chairman Kim Jung-Moon, plans to establish Baekje Welfare Foundation with the title of Chairman Kim Jung-Moon in 2010 to create a practical blueprint for sharing management.
In particular, Choi Yeon-Mee plans to donate 30% of his shares to establish Baekjae Welfare Foundation and steadily donate a portion of his corporate profits in the future to do more active and systematic social contribution activities than Kim Jung-moon .

Aloe seedlings cultivation campaign

Aloe seedling cultivation campaign that has been 20 years

Kim Jung-moon Aloe has established the Kimje Farm in 1987. Since then, many people have been campaigning for aloe seedlings in order to raise their awareness and familiarity with aloe every year.
"Aloe seedling cultivation campaign" has played an important role in spreading "Aloe in life" by distributing more than 10 million shares to ordinary citizens through the store in Kimjeongmun Aloe every year from March to May every year.
Meanwhile, Kim Jung-moon Aloe has been able to steadily carry out the Aloe seedling cultivation campaign for more than 20 years because it has the raw material locality in Korea.
This is Aloe's philosophy that not only raises the quality of products by using high-quality domestic raw materials, but also fosters and protects domestic aloe farmers in response to cheap imported raw materials.

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