First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love

First ALOE Love, To Be Life'Love





Kim Jung Moon-ism

"Naturalness" refers to the fact that the mind and body do not get sick,
but maintain balance in a circular state.
Here 'round' means 'natural state'.
Humans are a part of nature, and when they are far from nature, balance (naturalness) is broken and sick
This can not be an exception to society.
So restoring the originality of the original form is a fundamental way to make people happy.
We call humanity's lost natural revival movement "Kim Jungmun-ism" and practice true love for humanity through it.




Nature is the best condition in which human beings can lead the most human life, and it is Kim Jeong Moon Alloe's belief that humans can restore nature through studying nature and using results.

Respect for human

Human beings are an infinite source of business activity and an end purpose.
It is the task of the management of the company to provide the conditions for the members to show their individuality, creativity and potential.

Social contribution

Kim Jeong-moon Aloe constantly examines the effects of business activities on society and the environment and finds ways to return corporate profits to society as much as possible.




「True and honest practice」
"True" means "water is straight and conscientious in response to universal truth," and "honest practice" is a move with great trust and dignity, with a pioneering attitude.
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